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Quintana provides transcription services to support your global communication efforts and enable your multilingual audiences to fully comprehend everything from depositions and testimonies, to conference calls, focus groups, speeches and more. We will transcribe and translate your document into any language from all recorded mediums, including web-based formats, DVDs, videotapes, audio cassettes, and phone messages.

Working around the clock to meet even the tightest of deadlines, our dedicated team of specialists maintain the highest transcription standards and deliver meticulously transcribed and translated content true to the tone and intentions of the original recording. Quintana offers several transcription options to meet your unique multilingual needs, including on-site transcriptionists, as well as verbatim and summarized transcription solutions. As with all Quintana language solutions, a carefully selected project management team will oversee your transcription from start to finish, refining it through a rigorous editing and proofreading process until the delivery of a polished finished project.